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Please include a printed copy of the IRMS sample submission form with all samples. You must also submit a digital copy of the form to Work cannot begin on samples until these materials are received.



Pure gases should be submitted in individually-labelled crimp-top vials/bottles fitted with butyl rubber septa. The bottles can be either glass or non-permeable plastic. For certain analyses (e.g. δ13C in breath) 12 mL Labco Exetainers with butyl septa are also acceptable – contact KSIGL staff to discuss details. Make sure to evacuate the bottles or flush with ultra high purity (99.999% pure) helium prior to sample collection.

Liquid samples for isotopic analysis of dissolved gases should be collected with no headspace, kept refrigerated, and shipped refrigerated to us within a week of collection. Please contact us prior to sampling so we know to expect the samples.

 If you cannot ship the samples within a week of collection consider adding a gelatin capsule containing a bactericide to the container prior to evacuation/flushing and sample collection.

Depending on their size and the expected gas concentration, we may require separate bottles for δ2H and δ13C analysis of dissolved methane.



Glass break seals should be individually labelled and have outer diameters of ¼”/6 mm with smooth ends. Please include a printed copy of the IRMS sample submission form with the samples.