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General Submission Instructions




Soils and fresh-water sediments originating outside the continental US require a USDA soil permit. Please include a printed copy of the permit with your samples and email a digital copy to



  • Notify us before you ship the samples, so we know to expect them. This is especially important for time-critical or temperature-controlled samples (e.g. water for DIC or DOC).
  • Expect the worst in transit. Use a sturdy box and make sure sample containers are packed snugly and are well-insulated. Isolate glass vials or bottles from one another.
  • Sometimes permanent marker can rub off when there‚Äôs excessive vibration or movement of the sample containers during shipment. When possible, place a piece of clear tape over the IDs of individual sample containers or write the ID on the container lid as well.
  • Assume that somewhere, someone is going to open your package to inspect its contents. Make it easy for them: include details about the nature of the samples on the printed copy of the sample submission form.